Window Cleaning Cymru


Window cleaning services in Gwynedd and Anglesey. Gwasanaeth Cymraeg neu Saesneg. English or Welsh service. Friendly local window cleaner from Caernarfon area.
We provide professional window cleaning services throughout Gwynedd and the south of Anglesey. Serving residential and commercial customers, Window Cleaning Cymru is your first call for perfect windows every time.

  • Fully Insured
  • Local, friendly and professional window cleaner
  • Traditional and Water Fed Pole window cleaning methods
  • Frames, panes, doors and sills are cleaned as standard
  • One-off, 4 weekly or tailored to your needs
  • Inside window cleaning available
  • Happy customers from Caernarfon, Bangor and Llanfair PG areas.

Pay by Cash, Cheque, Chip&Pin, Contactless Card, Apple and Google Pay, BACS, or Direct Debit payment system so you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to pay or choose to keep cash around ever again.

Get in touch for a free and no-obligation quote for window cleaning if your property is located in the north of Gwynedd or the south of Anglesey.

We use the most up to date window cleaning equipment utilising water fed poles and pure water cleaning technology. This is proven to be the most effective way of cleaning windows and ensures the highest standards of service for our customers. As we aim to offer the most comprehensive window cleaning service in Gwynedd and Anglesey we also clean interior windows using more traditional methods by hand.



Gutters need love too! With our water fed brushes, we can make short work of green and black stained guttering. Guaranteed shine, every time.

Why have window cleaned if the frames leave something to be desired? We include sill, frame and door cleaning in our prices.
Dirty Window Before CleaningShiny Window After Cleaning

Bring life back to older conservatory or extension panels, restoring that “new install” look doesn’t take much!
Dirty Conservatory Before CleaningClean Conservatory After Cleaning